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Program & Course Specifications
Faculty of Medicine
Tanta University

Milestones of Program&Course Specifications:

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center at Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University is proud to present this Program and Course Specifications handbook to all staff and students at our institution. This document sets a nice model for the collaborative team work.

The development of this handbook has passed through several distinct stages. At first stage, a group of the implementation team of QAAC has participated in a workshop on How to write a program & course specifications held at Cairo University. This was followed by another training of trainers (TOT) workshop at our institution.

At the second stage, all the departments of our institution were requested to nominate at least 2 members to participate on the workshop How to write a program & course specifications, and to be responsible for the preparation of the initial draft of their course specifications. Three workshops were sponsored by QAAC and held at Ibn Sina auditorium at the Academic Building of Tanta Faculty of Medicine on 6-7, 21-22 and 29-30 June 2005.

At the third stage the initial draft of the program was prepared by five members of implementation team and presented to Faculty Council on June 2005 for discussion and suggestions. Likewise, the initial drafts of various courses specifications were prepared by the representative nominated by various departments in collaboration with implementation team of the project. These drafts were approved by the departments after making all necessary changes.

The final draft of program specifications and course specification of 4 departments (ENT, Pediatrics, Parasitology, and Microbiology) were approved by the Faculty Council on 24 July 2005. The other Seventeen course specifications were approved by the Faculty Council on 17 August 2005.

We have worked very hard to prepare this document before the start of the academic year 2005/2006. We can not assume that this is an ideal program and course specifications. We can not also claim that the document in its present status is without mistakes. However, we hope this first version will be followed by a better version after analysis of course reports which will be completed by both the staff and student at the end of current academic year.

Essam A. Elhalaby, M.D.
Project Manager 

petikan dari :- http://www.tanta.edu.eg/en/Tanta/medicine/course.htm

Pesanan dari angah

1- Belajar rajin-rajin sampai lulus cemerlang
2- Jangan sia-sia kn peluang
3- Jaga akhlak peribadi di tempat org
4- Jangan nk bercinta ngan org sane nanti susah balik kg hahahaha
5- Kalo ada masa cam nk jalan sane je hahahahah insyaallah

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